Sunday , May 27, 2018

Limlingan: Why the pendent of road works in Mexico town

VEHICULAR traffic along the Gapan-San Fernando-Olongapo Road in Mexico town particularly in villages Sto. Rosario, San Pablo and Sto. Domingo has gone worse from bad and this is attributed to the pending road works that the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has undertaken.

The pendent of the road re-concreting and widening has left potholes, road cuts, road gutters, ponds and other road hazards that definitely pose danger to motorists of all kinds.

Motorists and even commuters as well often ask why contractors would pulverize concrete roads that are still in good condition only to leave them as they are for several months or even years before they are re-concreted.

Some roads if not pulverized, are bored with holes thus making them look like a portion of the moon’s surface that are characterized with craters of various sizes. This gives the passing motoring public a bumpy and dangerous ride.

Some motorists evade these holes, cuts and gutters thus robbing the lane on the other side of the road while courting danger for other road users.

The road re-concreting and widening is undertaken on piecemeal. There are road spans which are destroyed and left undone which are far apart and in between newly concretized ones. In short, there is no continuity in the road rehabilitation in terms of distance of each span.

There are newly-concretized roads that have no shoulders, making them equally dangerous as those along ravines and cliffs in highlands.

There are road cuts that are left unfilled with earth or asphalt. Motorists slow down on these resulting into slow traffic and damaged under chassis parts of vehicles. Many of these road cuts are worse than road humps because they are quite invisible with motorists getting surprised of these irregularities of roads.

Noteworthy is the fact that these road cuts are on major highways thus we expect speeding vehicles. Unfortunately, drivers have to make sudden and abrupt steps on their brakes when they near these road cuts.

Because of these pending road constructions resulting into slow road traffic flow, there are hundreds if not thousands of motorists and commuters from different parts of Pampanga and other provinces that waste a lot of their travel time in going to their workplaces, in schools or in their destinations.

Workers and students are gravely affected of these problems that end them up late in their offices and classrooms, not to mention their exposure to imminent vehicular accidents due to these unfinished roads.

The government must act fast on these. Further, they should take efforts in finding out the reasons for the pendent of these road works. These problems are immediately wanting solutions as many people are affected day after day for several months now.


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