Sunday , June 24, 2018

Festive Mindanao with SM Supermalls

THROUGHOUT the month of August, SM Supermalls in Mindanao will be home to festive celebrations of key cities, highlighting food, music, arts, fashion and people of this colorful island.

This will happen through a regional campaign by SM aims to shine a brighter light on the south's tourism potential by establishing malls as the new cultural centers: Festive Mindanao.

Through this campaign, SM hopes to put emphasis on the already colorful festivals that Mindanao celebrates to create a renewed interest and awareness about the fun and festivity in the island at this time of the year.

Festive Mindanao is based on the idea that there is much to rediscover in the region. Tourists and locals do not have to look far to experience Festive Mindanao—there are SM Supermalls in key cities in the island!
With the exciting line of activities under this campaign, the celebrations cement the idea of SM as a cultural venue and Mindanao as an enduring tourism destination.

Festive Mindanao will involve all five SM Supermalls in Mindanao: SM City Davao, SM Lanang Premier, SM City General Santos, SM City Cagayan De Oro, and SM CDO Downtown Premier. The celebrations are mainly categorized into six components that cover retail, food and music, trade fairs, performance art, entertainment, and fashion.

Festive Mindanao 2017 event lineup

Festival Sale:

August 14-21, SM City Davao and SM Lanang Premier
August 25-28, SM City Cagayan de Oro and SM CDO Downtown Premier
September 1-10, SM City General Santos

South X Mouth food and music festival

August 16-18, SM City Davao
August 18-20, SM Lanang Premier
August 25-28, SM City Cagayan de Oro and SM CDO Downtown Premier
September 1-3, SM City General Santos

Regional Trade Fairs

August 1-31, Kadayawan Trade Fair – SM City Davao
August 11-Sept 9, Durian Festival – SM Lanang Premier
August 21-31, Kahimunan Fair - SM City Cagayan de Oro
September 6-8, Tuna Congress - SM City General Santos

Dances of Mindanao

August 19, SM City Davao
August 27, SM City Cagayan de Oro
September 6, SM City General Santos

Celebrity Shows

August 18 and 20, SM City Davao
August 26, SM City Cagayan de Oro
August 27, SM CDO Downtown Premier

Mindanao Fashion Festival

August 17, Habi Kadayawan – SM Lanang Premier
August 19, Fashion Festival – SM CDO Downtown Premier
August 20, Moda Mindanao – SM Lanang Premier