Sunday , May 27, 2018

All set for 32nd Kadayawan Festival

A SHOWCASE of the culture of the 11 tribes in Davao City will be this main highlight of the 32nd Kadayawan sa Davao opening at Magsaysay Park on Monday, August 14.

Kadayawan Village, an makeshift area where the 11 tribes of the city has constructed their own houses from indigenous materials will be opened today by the tribal members for visitors to have a sneak peak and experience their diverse cultures.

Datu Masil Ahalul-Al-Haj, deputy mayor of the Tausug tribe, said that they will showcase their own delicacies.

"Siguro mga sampung klase, lalo na yung specialty ng Tausug yung pagluto sa mga karne ng baka, ang tinolang itim. Yan ang wala sa ibang tribo yan (Maybe 10 kinds of dishes, especially the Tausug specialty of cooking beef, called black tinola. That’s what the other tribes don’t have)," he said.

Randy Usman, deputy mayor of the Maranao, said that on the opening they will show their "best" delicacies.

The deputy mayors and tribal members started the construction of each of their houses from last week of July, and some tribes such as Ata and Bagobo-Klata performed rituals before they constructed the house.

Bagobo-Klata Deputy Mayor Bae Herminia Ortiz said that during the ritual they offered white chicken, their prayer was led by the eldest of their tribe.

A tribe member from Ata said the wood they used to build their house came from the forest, which were cut through the use of sharp-edged tools such as axe, and not through chainsaws.

Aside from their houses, Maguindanawon Deputy Mayor Ismael Nakan said each tribe, Bagobo-Klata, Sama, Tagabawa, Kagan, Iranun, Tausug, Maguindanaon, Ata, Obu-Manobo, Matigsalug, Maranao will each show their culture, traditional dances and songs.

Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2017 spokesperson Generose Tecson said that they really wanted everyone to appreciate the Kadayawan Village.

"Gusto talaga natin ma-appreciate ng mga tao is our Kadayawan tribal vilage (We want the people to appreciate our Kadayawan tribal village) so we are inviting the schools, especially if you can bring your students to the Kadayawan tribal village so that people can learn more about our 11 tribes, we are really excited also, to be able to show you all of us kung ano talaga ang kultura nila (what their culture really is)," she said.

Kadayawan Festival Director Gatchi Gatchalian, in the earlier interview, said that they made sure that the each event is well provided with security.

"We make sure na klaro ang security plan, ng bawat venue from the very start. So we are expecting more than 500 guests doon sa Magsaysay Park lalo na sa Kadayawan Village dahil ito rin ang first time na i-oopen yun (We made sure that there’s a clear security plan of every venue from the very start. So we are expecting more than 500 guests doon sa Magsaysay Park especially in Kadayawan Village because it’s the first time it will be opened)," Gatchalian earlier said.

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio in the recent City Peace and Order Council meeting ordered security personnel to "overprepare" for the security of the Kadayawan.

Public Safety and Security Command Center Head Benito De Leon said they have arranged 17,000 personnel deployments for the weeklong Kadayawan Celebration.

As early as Saturday evening, pavilion chairs have already been prepared in the area.

Tecson also added that they made sure that portable toilets are installed in the area after they have also ordered the repair of restrooms.