Saturday , June 23, 2018

Asian execs learn how to build solar lamps from Bohol studes

AT least 34 Asian leaders recently gathered in Panglao, Bohol for the annual Asia Cooperation Dialogue hosted by the Philippines.

Held at the BE Grand Resort last Aug. 7 to 9, the conference’s main focus was toward energy security, sustainability and resiliency.

During the conference, the involvement of the local community was highly visible.

Elementary students from Lourdes School in Panglao Island learned how to build solar lamps from nothing, and they taught each delegate on how to build their own at BE Grand’s Kids’ Camp.

Such an initiative is a global grassroots movement, “Liter of Light,” which is committed to providing affordable, sustainable solar light to people with limited or no access to electricity.

Spearheaded by Illac Diaz, founder of Liter of Light, social entrepreneur and MIT & Harvard University alumni, he has had valuable contributions in introducing sustainable energy and technologies to communities.

“Thirty-four kids knew nothing about electrical. We were able to inspire them about clean energy. Today, a young child from Bohol is teaching a powerful man (how to build a solar lamp). Anyone can be a solar engineer,” said Diaz during his meeting with the kids at the resort.