Monday , June 25, 2018

Palma: Is this the best approach?

CEBU Archbishop Jose Palma supports the Duterte administration’s campaign against illegal drugs, but he doubts some aspects of its approach toward the problem, considering the number of killings recently in police operations.

“We are supportive of the campaign of the president, but this is one of the aspects in the campaign against drugs where we raise the question ‘Is this the best approach?’ Because how do we know in the first place that they are really pushers or just suspects, as mentioned?” said Palma.

The prelate took into account the value of human life.

“Life is precious and should not just be dispatched as if that is the best way to approach the problem of drugs,” he said. “We see a lot on deaths in the newspaper and on TV—and the President even says: ‘You can kill more’ to support. The impression we’re getting is that life becomes so cheap.”

Duterte on Wednesday described the killing of 32 drug suspects in Bulacan as “good,” saying “we could just kill another 32 everyday, then maybe we could reduce what ails this country.” (TLN)