Saturday , June 23, 2018

Providing Dabawenyos with unique food concepts

WANTING to provide millennial Dabawenyos unique food that is not yet readily available anywhere, four young friends joined together to establish a food delivery business particularly of Spam Musubi.

Spam musubi is a snack and lunch food from Hawaii made from a slice of Spam and a block of rice wrapped together in nori strip . They were first inspired of venturing into the business when they saw a do-it-yourself food video on Facebook. They saw how simple it can be done and a lot of their other friends were starting to find it very affordable since Spams are a little expensive in the market and yet they sell their products at a reasonable price.

Friends Kyra Geloisa Madrazo, Suede Fuentes, Gillian Gabrielle Ilagan, and Arvin Dwight Chong are all in their early 20’s who wanted to venture into something out of their comfort zones and yet which would allow them to provide convenience to their clients. This is how MUSUBI Davao, their Facebook page, was created.

Madrazo said with the online platform and the delivery service they provide, it is convenient for the customers especially their current target market which are students and employees around and within Ateneo de Davao University.

“We are on the stages of our lives that we would want to try out new things. We are on our early 20’s and we also realize that the need to know how to cope,” she said.

She also said it is a great advantage for them to be establishing business with people who they are already friends with. She said business transactions between them are a lot easier and they don’t need to “beat around the bush” when they would want to request something from their business partners about the technicalities of the business. They would also want to prove people wrong that establishing a business wherein you are operating with your friends is complicated and difficult.

Currently, most of their transactions are on pre-order basis. Madrazo said most of those who had previously ordered kept coming back and ordering again as they found the product convenient and affordable.

As a newly established business, Madrazo said they are grateful of the customers’ reaction and friends’ support to their business. She said they are targeting to also put up other food with cute designs and arrangement that would surely be a hit to students and young professionals. Some of the foods they intend to add to their menu list include onigiri and omurice.

Musubi Davao can be contacted through their official Facebook page. Orders can be made through a link posted in their FAQ section. (JPA)