Monday , June 25, 2018

Guagua mayor expresses support for chicken raisers, sellers

GUAGUA -- Mayor Dante Torres urged consumers and regular customers of the Guagua Public Market here to continue patronizing chicken sellers and poultry suppliers in the town.

The town mayor added that the poultry supply in the town is safe to eat.

Torres joined sellers and raisers and local non government groups as they ate cooked chicken to show that the products of the town are avian-flu free.

Torres said that Guagua’s supply come from areas that are not affected by the outbreak.

Torres’ assurance came after the 37,000 birds have died from avian influenza subtype H5 in what has been declared as the first bird flu outbreak in the country. The outbreak affected six poultry farms in San Luis town.

A quarantine area was declared within one-kilometer of the affected poultry farms in San Luis. Transport of fowls and eggs from a controlled area within a seven-kilometer radius of the affected farms will not be allowed.

Torres said that some of the egg supplies of the town come from second district suppliers. He added that since the outbreak, sales in the town’s public market, the biggest public market in Pampanga, have been very slow.

“Some of the sellers merely get a small income from consignment. Imagine having to cut their regular supply. Some sell a couple of chickens which is very different before the outbreak when sales were brisk,” Torres said.

Earlier, the DOH said cleanliness should be maintained in dealing with any fowls or poultry products to prevent contamination or cross infection amid the avian influenza outbreak in the province.

Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol on last August 15, led the eating of balut, chicken arroz caldo, leche flan, and fried duck during an inspection and visit last Tuesday in San Luis town where thousands of chicken died of bird flu.

Piñol assured the public that the avian flu in Pampanga is not as harmful as what is disseminated in social networking sites which spread fear to the public and dissuades the consumption of chicken products coming from the province.

As for Torres, he said that the supply sourced by sellers in Guagua come from areas not affected by bird flu. He added that consumers should not be dissuade by negative propaganda and fake reports on the real situation of the outbreak in Pampanga.