Wednesday , April 25, 2018

Rheon to return as villain

ANYONE missing Ramsay Bolton?

Okay, maybe that was not a good question. But perhaps some Game of Thrones fans are missing the actor behind the evil Bastard Bolton. After all, the 32-year-old Iwan Rheon was effective in becoming Season 6’s big baddie. People even cheered how Bolton met his end in the show, despite how cruel it was.

Fret not, fans, as Rheon is returning in the upcoming series Inhumans. And based on the trailer, it would seem like fans are not going to warm up to Rheon on this show either. Rheon is playing Maximus, the show’s main antagonist.

Maximus is a member of the Inhuman Royal Family, a family of superhumans. However, Maximus lost the Inhuman gene, which made other Inhumans look down on him, stomping his desire to be the race’s king.

Screen Rant described Rheon’s character: “Maximus is shown to be erratic and prone to antisocial behavior. He’s often presented as wildly unstable, which prevents him from fully utilizing his incredible gifts… As the Inhumans generally lean toward the side of good and Maximus clearly has love for his brother and family, his proclivities have often made him a villain. Like Loki to Thor, this has forged a contentious relationship between Maximus and Black Bolt, and much of the Inhuman Royal Family doesn’t trust him.”

Playing the protagonist to Rheon’s Maximus is Anson Mount. His character is called Black Bolt, the king or head of the Inhuman Royal Family.

Despite the parallelism between Maximus and Bolton, Rheon said the two characters are widely different.

“Initially, I was a bit unsure whether I wanted to do it, because it seemed like maybe I was going to do the same thing again—which I’m not interested in at all,” said Rheon of the role of Maximus.

“But (executive producers) Jeph Loeb and Scott Buck spoke to me. They said, ‘Listen, this guy is different. He’s not vicious. He’s not a psychopath. He wants to change things. He’s a revolutionary. He is a politician who has a really strong idea of how to change the world.’ I guess those were the right things to say to me,” the actor told LRM Online.

“He is vulnerable. He has empathy for people. Ramsay doesn’t—or didn’t, I should say.”

While he is still playing the bad guy, Rheon said the character was still a dream.

“I think every young boy wants to be in the superhero show, so it’s lovely to join it. Even though I don’t actually have a superpower in the show, it’s cool just to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe—they make such amazing stuff and it’s great just to be a part of it,” said Rheon.

While he may be the show’s villain, Rheon is the most recognizable among the pool of Inhumans actors: Mount as Bolt, Serinda Swan as Medusa, Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon, Isabelle Cornish as Crystal, Ken Leung as Karnak, Sonya Balmores as Auran and Mike Moh as Triton. And despite Bolt being the king of the clan and the protagonist, his character doesn’t really talk—and Rheon has a lot of talking to do in the series, which potentially secures him as the show’s lead.

Inhumans is different from any other TV shows. It’s first two episodes were filmed with IMAX cameras and will be shown in IMAX theaters early next month. The succeeding episodes will be aired on ABC by late September.