Monday , June 25, 2018

Ifugao lawmaker wants spate of killings investigated

IFUGAO Representative Teddy Brawner Baguilat urged his colleagues in the House of Representatives to urgently investigate the spate of killings that has hounded the country in the name of the fruitless drug war, saying that the country is rapidly descending into lawlessness.

Baguilat said in the past few days, the number of people dead in the streets has alarmingly escalated, justified by the relentless drug war that has yielded more dead bodies than solutions to the so-called drug menace.

Baguilat said with the continued killings with no investigation into who are behind them, Filipinos are becoming desensitized to the gruesome disregard for the rule of law.

“We are in danger of destroying the very peace and order that the President said he wanted to preserve. If we let these killings continue with impunity, then there is no reason for civilians to resort to violence to settle disputes. Any justification can be used,” Baguilat said.

Baguilat added it is even more alarming that members of the Philippine National Police have been pinpointed as perpetrators of violence.

“If the ones sworn to protect us are the ones violating the rules, then who would we turn to? Flouting of the law should not be tolerated,” said Baguilat.

Baguilat early on called for the relevant House committees to investigate extra-judicial killings but the pleas fell into deaf ears, with the overwhelming majority allied with President Duterte preferring to keep quiet on the issue despite the violence.

“We should put an end to this madness and the House of Representatives should not be used as an instrument for silencing the voices crying out for mercy,” said Baguilat, who is with the minority group in the House. (PR)