Monday , May 21, 2018

'La Carlota City shines in unity'

BACOLOD. La Carlota City officials led by Mayor Luis Jalandoni III during the opening of the 39th Pasalamat Festival yesterday. (Contributed Photo)

THE 39th Pasalamat Festival of La Carlota City officially opened Monday, April 23, upon the declaration of Mayor Luis Jalandoni III before a crowd held at the city's festival site.

Jalandoni was joined by his fellow city officials, as well as by former mayor and former fourth district representative Jeffrey Ferrer, who represented his wife Representative Juliet Marie Ferrer.

“This festival is our gift to our people. This is our bequest to the young in whose hands, the future of the City depends,” the mayor said, adding the first Pasalamat Festival was conceived by his late father, former mayor Luis Jalandoni Jr., along with Roberto Cuenca, Serafin Alova, Ricardo Pilar and Bob Aizpuro and several of their colleagues and friends.

He said they are demonstrating the culture of unity as a people and as one city.

“This expression of oneness brings us towards a progressive and cohesive community, strengthened by love for fellow La Carlotenos and God. Pasalamat is like a grain of sand that was caught in a shell and helps transform the oyster into pearl. We are therefore thankful to God, the father of this yearly event that made La Carlota shine like a pearl through the years. Our city shines in unity, a fitting theme for its 39th glorious and progressive year,” he said.

Jalandoni has appealed to the city officials and employees to work together for the future of their children and their children's children.

Vice Mayor Rex Jalando-on said the city and its people has so much to be thankful for as they worked hard to face the challenges of the future brought about by the economic development.

Ferrer, for his part, also expressed his elation to see La Carlota City celebrating its gains as a city.