Monday , June 25, 2018

Pandora’s Box: Reinventing archery thru cosplay

QUINTIN Transeco never thought his idea of having an area were cosplayers can meet and make costumes will, especially in a conservative city like Baguio.
Pandora’s Box Archery Range and Imaginarium was born not only to cater to cosplayers but everyone wanting to express themselves.

Located at the fifth floor of the Baguio Center Mall, Transeco said Pandora’s Box was born out of his friends desire to have an area where they can show their talent in cosplay and at the same time their knack for archery, not as a sport, but as a hobby.

Since its opening two years ago, Pandora’s Box has become a popular hang - out for yuppies in the city wanting to unwind from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy a meeting with friends wanting to try a different bonding experience.

Transeco said archery, aside from being played as a sport can also fulfill one’s fantasy of becoming either a superhero, or a medieval character.

Visitors can have a chance to learn the basics of archery at the range which can accommodate at least 30 at a time while trying out a Robinhood costume or even become Katniss Everdeen of Hunger Games with their personalized 3D target butts ranging from goblins, and zombies to dragons.

“When we started, we only had children as or clients wanting to learn the basics of archery while their parents wait. But in the long run, some parents would eventually join their children in learning archery so it has become a family bonding of sorts for some,” said Transeco.

Transeco added Pandora’s Box does not charge membership fees as it welcomes all walks of life in enjoying.

For P198 per hour, customers can enjoy the use of archery range including equipments.

“Even those without archery equipment can use our own for free,” added Transeco.

Aside from archery, Transeco said Pandora’s Box also offers sword fighting classes to complete one’s medieval fantasy.

Just like the Pandora’s Box , the area also offers a tavern which can surprise one’s palate.

The café offers a wide range of meals ranging from pizza, sandwiches, rice meals, and milk shakes named after potions and fantasy elements.

Among their best sellers include grilled cheese "n fries, bucket o" fries and dip, and chicken fried bacon ‘n dip, King Arthur’s BLTC sandwich, Pandora’s waffle ala mode, and Tavernblend iced tea. (Roderick Osis)