Saturday , June 23, 2018

5 types of ridesharing drivers

SIMPLY taking over the streets of Cebu and making lives easier for those who commute every single day, ridesharing apps have become everyone’s savior when it comes to public transportation. Safety and comfort are what every living person in this earth needs on a daily commute and these ridesharing apps continuously put all citizens of the country at ease with their reliable features. Ensuring the safety and security of their passengers are the drivers who render their service for the public. Let’s get to know five types of ridesharing drivers and why we should offer appreciation with the same assurance they’ve given us for every ride.

The Chatterbox. There’s no escape once you comfortably sit inside the vehicle. As soon as this driver sees you settled, this one won’t stop chattering. Some riders prefer drivers who love to talk, but for those who just want to peacefully ride to wherever destination they are headed, this type can be a real pain in the butt. This type of driver can discuss or question anything that comes to mind—from the current traffic situation in Cebu, his unfortunate experiences to even asking some personal questions. Avoiding conversation could project a dissatisfied rider so you are left with no choice but to nod and respond occasionally without really sounding annoyed. In the end, all is well once you arrive safely in your destination bringing with you a lesson or two from your chatterbox driver.

The Man of Few Words. This type of ridesharing driver greets you as you set foot in the car then maybe asks for your destination point—and that’s all you’re going to get. A total opposite of the talkative one, this driver can be quite refreshing because you’re free to relax and just enjoy the ride to school or work. When all you want to do is put your earphones on and listen to music while you observe the streets of Cebu, then this type of driver is the perfect match for you if you’re lucky enough. This man of few words will make the ride a breeze and when he finally drops you off, you’ll hear a small “thank you” and “take care.”

The Entrepreneur. Grabbing every opportunity he can take to earn extra money while doing his rounds, this driver will surprise you with his countless offers of goods and treats. You can’t help but admire this business-minded driver for his hard work and will to earn as much money as he already is. He has no time to waste and this little business on-the-move is definitely the right way to not just be a mere ridesharing driver, but a soon-to-be successful entrepreneur.

The Lady Driver. Not all ridesharing drivers are men, but occasionally you’ll chance upon lady drivers too. Whether she’s old enough to be your grandmother or sweet enough to be your mother, these types of drivers are in a way beating the stigma that ladies can’t drive. Thanks to these ridesharing apps, women are also given the same treatment and opportunity to earn more for a living. These lady drivers can drive around the city with much ease as men can do and you don’t have to worry because you’re in great hands.

The Millennial. Ridesharing apps are not only for those who want to earn extra, but at times this can be a fulltime job, too, especially for millennials. Like what every millennial would want, they prefer to earn money fast and easy. This type of driver may sometimes look younger than you and maybe has a more contemporary taste in music. But never take these young drivers for granted because they’re more knowledgeable than you think. Even if your destination is far off the main street or even difficult to navigate, when you’re with a millennial driver, you don’t even have to ask. They just do their job and drive.