Tuesday , June 19, 2018

A never-ending journey to the digital world

AS THE media landscape changed drastically with the birth of new media where print has been challenged, SunStar Davao remains standing strong, riding the vehicle to digital transformation as it leads the trail among community newspapers in this part of the country.

From a mere community newspaper delivering news to every Dabawenyo's doorstep, SunStar Davao adapted to various digital platforms, making sure presence in the internet and social media are active and engaging, thus capturing followers globally.

As SunStar Davao celebrates its 22 years of service, it unlocked another milestone for breaching over 100,000-follower mark on Facebook on August 16, 2017, and the 100,000-liker mark on Facebook on September 5, 2017; making it the most-followed and liked Mindanao-based daily community newspaper online.

In an era when digital media continues to escalate as the number one source of information, SunStar Davao Facebook page serves as the go-to information well of people, delivering news updates of local and even national events as it happen through #SunstarBreaking and #SunstarLive, a Facebook live broadcast.

Recognizing that the world has already gone mobile and the Philippines is one of the most engaged, mobile-first countries, SunStar Davao reporters were trained to post real-time updates on Facebook and Twitter without sacrificing accuracy.

Going beyond just news, SunStar Davao started to produce multiple video contents for lifestyle and entertainment this year. One of these is the “Best of Davao,” a video presentation promoting and showcasing Davao’s locally-produced products.

Aside from Facebook, SunStar Davao has already gained thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

First to be online

Before Facebook and all these social media networks, SunStar Davao has an impressive history of innovation.

Even before most of the major national dailies explored the internet, SunStar Davao went online first on February 1, 1997. That was long before the SunStar Network Exchange was organized to take care of the network’s online presence.

Aside from the website, SunStar has ePapers of its affiliates, bolstering its bid as one of the most versatile media platforms in the region. The SunStar Davao ePaper is available at the Google and Apple app stores.

After 22 years, SunStar Davao continues to make waves online, championing stories and winning people's preferences.

Today, SunStar Davao goes beyond the breakfast table, its presence on every person’s mobile devices, personal computers and in whatever digital platform is inevitable.

Paper or digital, SunStar Davao is here to stay, to be relevant and to live with its mission: to be in every person’s consciousness and in every person's success.