Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Sharon Cuneta speaks up on the state of her heart

AFTER so many speculations megastar Sharon Cuneta talks about her relationship with Senator Kiko Pangilinan during an interview with Boy Abunda.

Sharon was asked the state of her heart and describe her relationship with Senator Kiko in one word: "Existing.”

“[The] last time I slept with him was last night. Slept, did not do anything, na ang ibig sabihin ay hindi sila nagsiping. And last time I checked, which is today, he was at home, so we’re still together. My heart has been so battered over the years. Now all you have to do is to put it on real butter and fry it and leave it. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s not Kiko’s fault.”

Do cheaters deserve a second chance?

“Depends on the cheater, but mostly, yes.”

Who was her greatest love?

“You might not know him! I’m just joking. I’m playing with you. Never mind.”


Happy, inspired, and in love, that's how Jake Zyrus describes himself.

Jake did not deny his current relationship with non-showbiz girlfriend Shyre Aquino.

“Hindi naman dapat itinatago 'yan dahil iba ang nagagawa sa atin kapag masaya ka.”

However, the international singer keeps mum about the details of his relationship.

“Happy ako na malaman niyo lang po na, yes, I'm with someone. Pero siyempre, the rest about it, yung feeling, kami na lang ang nakakaalam para masaya kami dun. Hindi naman kami yung to get everybody na, 'Yeah, we're together.'"

Is his being silent resulted from his past relationship with Alyssa Quijano?

“Hindi. Siyempre, yung sa amin ni Alyssa before, nangyari lang din. Kumbaga, yung ginagawa namin [ni Shyre], hindi to push everyone na ganito na kami.”

Jake mentioned that both of them wanted to keep their relationship private.

“Para lang ano, with me and Shyre, match lang yung gusto namin. Pareho lang kami na parang excited lang kami na hindi alam ng mga tao. At saka masaya ako na ganito ang thinking niya, na mas private kami ngayon. Yung decision na yun, coming from both of us.”


The wedding of Hayden Kho Jr. and Dra. Vicki Belo was considered the grandest wedding of the year!

Aside from the tear-jerker moments, one of the most anticipated delights of a wedding is the feasting. This is probably the second biggest thing guests will remember most.

Celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, Jr. must have known this because, at their dreamy Parisian wedding last Saturday, September 2 (French time), the food was a spread fit for the gods.

The groom admitted he was "super hands-on" in the planning process and that he knew every single thing the guests would be served.

The couple had tapped luxury French catering service Potel et Chabot, said to be "the most expensive" in Paris, to prepare a sumptuous five-course dinner for their wedding reception. To be held at no less than the Palais Garnier, the famous opera house which inspired Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera, the reception dinner had to be a match to the history and grandeur of the venue.

Here's what the 250 guests—celebrity and non-celebrity alike—were served at the five-course dinner of the Belo-Kho nuptials:

Starters - Truffle Egg

Gardener's vegetables: green asparagus, carrot, and a small artichoke.
A rain of herbs and flower petals.

Citrus Fruits Lobster: Lobster, sour root smoothie, yogurt "minute" bread, citrus fruits, and lemon caviar vinaigrette.

Kalamansi Sorbet: A frozen dessert made from sweetened water and kalamansi flavouring.

The French traditionally serve sorbets twice—usually before and after entree—first to stimulate the diner's appetite and then to cleanse the palate.


Garden Peas Sea Bass: Sea bass, garden peas, sugar peas, and Paris mushrooms on pea soup.

Veal on "Hatelet": Pan veal loin on "Hatelet," steamed juice, macaroni spiral, parmesan cheese cream.

Small pumpkin.


Chocolate espuma, rose mini macaroon, sacher biscuit chocolate raspberry,
cracker lemon and crispy coconut.

Truly, feast that only gods would crave!