Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Mongaya: Trillanes a joke?

I WAITED for the senator to produce evidence to support his accusations. Instead, he made a fool of himself.

Imagine demanding that the Davao City vice mayor show his back just to prove an allegation about the president’s son being a member of the Triad. If his supposed intel was not mere bullshit, the senator could have presented more info about Paolo’s supposed relationship with the Triad.

It soon became clear that Trillanes was on a fishing expedition. He even dragged the name of LTFRB 7 chief Ahmed Cuizon without establishing first any alleged Customs-related wrongdoing.

Yesterday, in an interview with Leo Lastimosa over dyAB, Trillanes alleged that Cuizon and Mans Carpio conspired to extort Uber and are engaged in DPWH projects.

One, when the recent TNVS controversy erupted, LTFRB Chief Martin Delgra himself faced the local Uber-Grab operators in a closed-door conference. Cuizon was out of town and thus the occasion could have been the best opportunity for the supposed victims to air their alleged extortion complaint.

No one stepped forward, which in my book meant no such extortion incident happened.

Two, Trillanes could not even produce a photograph that would show Atty. Carpio and Cuizon knew each other.

Three, the senator is so bankrupt of customs and shabu-related information that he had to use garbage from somewhere else.

On second thought, the Trillanes allegation somehow suggested that Ahmed has some kind of connection with Davao. Hmmm. Mao diay wa gyud makatarog silang Dino and company.


President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs first hit a snag when a scalawag PNP unit kidnapped and killed a Korean national in a botched hulidap operation.

In more recent days, the war on drugs hit another obstacle when police scalawags thought that they don’t need to endanger themselves in deadly shootouts with drug lords. They thought they could score victories by merely snatching any teen, planting a sachet of shabu and a gun, then killing the poor kid.

Such hoods in police uniforms at the frontline of Digong’s war wreck more damage to the administration’s efforts than a dozen Trillanes clones at the Senate.


Nagpanikad. That’s my description of the opposition when it was reported that Councilor Hanz Abella would be leaving the Cebu City Council to accept a post at the National Labor Arbitration Commission (NLRC). It seems they could not wait for Hanz to take his oath.

But will the opposition agree on somebody worthy of the position Hanz will be vacating, if ever? Will the Abella clan and other supporters agree to Hanz leaving the Council?

I’m quite amused at one pathetic FB post calling on the good councilor to take his NLRC oath immediately. Never mind if the post smacks of disrespect. Namuyboy actually. It tells me that the people behind the appointment counted Hanz as a mere pawn.