Monday , June 25, 2018

The colors of the Kadayawan Tribal Village

THANKS to a resolution approved by the Davao City Council on Tuesday 29th August, the Kadayawan Tribal Village at Ramon Magsaysay Park is extended until December to allow more people to visit and learn from the showcase of the 11 tribes of Davao City -- Ata, Klata, ObuManuvu, Matigsalug, Tagabawa, Tausug, Maguindanaon, Iranun, Kagan, Maranao and Sama.

When I visited during the Kadayawan Festival, I discovered the fine replicas of village houses that were hand-built out of indigenous materials and are unique to each tribe.

In today’s world full of black and white, the tribal village reminded me that we all need color. Each color represents each tribe. Each color represents diversity. And each color tells we are different and yet we can live together in a beautiful place in a peaceful and harmonious way.

All the more, I realized that one must come to each house not to be served but to immerse casually, take chances in knowing a little on the life of the tribes. The tribal village invites each to converse among tribal people and ponder upon their simple loving nature. And eventually understand the deeper reason for the Kadayawan celebration whom Dabawenyos and tourists come to enjoy every year.

The Kadayawan Tribal Village symbolizes the wonderful possibility of all the tribes living together as one: Christians, Muslims, and Lumads. That somehow, color is all we need -- put side by side, the beauty of cultural diversity, peace and harmony springs.(Eva Marie B. Maboloc)