Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Skin you can flaunt sans makeup

WHO needs makeup when you can actually flaunt your extra smooth and blemish-free skin?

Applying makeup on a daily basis is kind of tiring at some point. There are days when you just want to go out without anything on your face, especially if you are running late for a meeting.

Personally, I am lazy of putting those color palettes on my face. What I can't only live without are perfectly shaped brows. Yes, I am also a believer of this generation's famous quote "Kilay is life." Other than that, I no longer have enough patience for what I describe as "early morning face-painting session."

However, there are times when you really have to put on some makeup to hide skin breakouts and blemishes. Therefore, you are forced to take hold of your armor - concealer and makeup.

What if you are still not keen about putting on some color even just on your cheeks and lips? There's a new facial treatment that can solve this dilemma.

Known as A-DOLLS treatment, or Aqua Diamond Oxygen Lighting and Lifting System, you can already enjoy such flawless skin. What is even more enticing about this treatment at Bloom Facial Slimming Spa is the fact that you do not feel any discomfort or pain while having it.

For someone who has never tried any facial treatment at all, I was somehow hesitant at first to try it when it was recommended to me. Well, it was a wise decision for me to undergo the process that lasts for only one hour and a half!

Since it is water-based, it is safe for people with sensitive skin. This has been my predicament for not trying any facial treatment because I was afraid that my skin would react; and that instead of getting flawless, I might end up with breakouts.

All this fear went away when Love-Love of Bloom Facial Slimming Spa at C-5 Dormitel on Roxas Avenue, Davao City started the process. Her expertise made me so comfortable that there were times when I felt like sleeping.

By the way, the spa does not only cater the descendants of Eve. When I visited the place, there were two fathers, probably in their 50s already, who also availed of Bloom's major services.

Aside from A-DOLLS, the cozy spot also offers armpit whitening with bleaching, non-surgical facelift, advanced diamond peel with 24K gold, laser lipolysis with cavitation, radio frequency and multipolar, waxing, threading, warts removal, among others.

Should you want to check all of their services and book an appointment, visit their Facebook page Bloom Facial Slimming Spa.


(Special thanks to Ms. Golda for the recommendation and to Jessa for being so accommodating!)

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