Saturday , June 23, 2018

Bisdak musicians unite

CEBU is in for a surprise. On Dec. 2, Cebuano singers from different generations will be gathering as they have decided to create an epic performance in a concert dubbed “Pasiawit: Paskohanong Dalit.” The whole show is meant to merge “pasiaw” (fun and humor) and “awit” (songs) for “pasko” (Christmas), which will reinvent the Cebuano music industry. The concert is to be held at the Mountain Wing Activity Center of SM Seaside City and will be free for all people to witness.

The conceptualization and gathering of performers was organized by a group of Cebuano Artists and Musicians called Sugboanong Musikero, which was founded in July this year by Gitoy Ornopia. Among its members are Sam Costanilla, Edgar Butalid, Baby Condeno, Alex Nuñez and Nilo Nuñez, who will be performing in the concert as well.

The concert will feature a comeback of old Cebuano songs and a few Cebuano artists who have aged like wine as well as contemporary artists who hope to achieve the same amount of experience.

“We already have the commitment of Max Surban. The father-and-son tandem of Diego and Gedent also known as the Crazy Duo will also be there. They will be coming from Manila because they are based there. The Dos Compañeros comic duo will also be performing,” said Costanilla.

The singing priest of Cebu, Fr. Jonas Mejares, has also joined the organization to support its causes which include the revival of Cebuano music. The well-known singing priest will be performing during the concert as well.

“It is an honor and a pleasure to be part of this organization composed of people well known in the music industry. The aim of the organization is not easy to do. I know this because I was handling the Observatory of Music in the Iloilo University of San Agustin. It is very difficult to bring people together because of conflicts in schedules but I have seen that they are all willing to gather for the betterment of Cebu and for its people and for the glory of our Lord, especially Sto. Niño,” said Mejares.

Aside from reviving Cebuano music and reintroducing Cebuano artists, the concert is also meant to raise funds for honoraria of performers and medical aid for musicians and artists who are members of the organization.

The list of performers has not been finalized yet as the whole show is still in the planning stages. But the Sugboanong Musikero figured that the event will be two hours long, which will be enough to satisfy the audience’s hunger for a fun and talent-filled tasteful show.

The concert will be the first reunion of all Cebuano musicians and artists of different generations, and a repeat performance will be expected if the Cebuano audience receives it well. At the moment, the organization hopes for their fellow Cebuanos to support their bid to have a day of fun and music this Dec. 2.