Sunday , June 24, 2018

Flight Matters: A documentary of life in NAIA

RIGHT after his photo exhibit in Solaire Resort and Casino last year, Rhonson Ng recently opened another major exhibit, his third solo, in August this year at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), in Terminals 1, 2, and 3.

“Flight Matters (A Documentary of Life In NAIA)” showcases images of people and planes coming in and out of the terminals and runways, of life that is happening inside the country’s airport 24/7. Rhonson takes stock of everyday activities and behind the scenes where passengers do not normally get to see all the hustle and flow of traffic.

He stayed inside the airport for 18 straight days, all in all taking 22 days of capturing scenes of daily interaction. His toughest challenges were during rainy days, and shooting the workers silently without disturbing them on duty. The fun part was being able to get inside the most restricted areas and getting to know a lot of NAIA personnel.

Rhonson is an award-winning photographer whose images are splashed across publications, coffee table books, magazine covers and tourism ads in the country. He worked as an official photographer for the Department of Tourism-Davao when he moved from his birthplace in Manila to Davao City in 2003, making it his permanent home.

His first major solo exhibit was in the Metropolitan Museum of Art featuring the Lumads of Mindanao. This photographer is an avid mountaineer, spelunker and diver, who has bagged top prize in competitions like Pagcor 2015, and successive wins in the Kadayawan Festival.

Currently, he conducts photography workshops around Mindanao as a resource speaker for Fujifilm Philippines. In January this year, he was also one of the resource speakers for the prestigious international photography convention Photo World Asia 2017.

Rhonson was featured in Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect back in 2010. He is among four of Filipino members of the International Environment Photographers Association, an organization based in Japan. One of his popular images, the last female tattoo artist of Kalinga, Whang-Od, will be on display in Galerie Sakura in Paris. He is planning his next photo exhibit which will be about Tawi-Tawi in Mindanao.

Using his favorite gears Fujifilm XT2 and XPro2, his 20" X 30" images were printed by Fujifilm Philippines. Each terminal exhibit contains seventy two of his photos prominently displayed in the departure areas (international for 1 and 3). These three separate exhibits will run until the end of September.

Rhonson led the ribbon-cutting ceremony with Nelson Perez, Division Manager at Fujifilm Philippines and Raul Austria, MIAA Chief of Staff Office of the General Manager. He wishes to thank the following who has made this goal possible: Eddie Monreal (MIAA General Manager), Col. Allen A. Capuyan AFP (RET) (Assistant General Manager for Security and Emergency Services), Rommel Evangelista (MIAA Public Relations Officer V), Antoinette Guevarra (Curator/Organizer), AGMSES staff, and Public Affairs and Media Affairs offices.