Thursday , June 21, 2018

Taking a bow

AFTER 16 episodes, in the span of four months, since June, the second season of “Usapang Social Security System (SSS)” is finally taking a bow this month, a fitting finale in the celebration of SSS's 60th founding anniversary.

“Usapang SSS” has been airing through SkyCable 32, with a primary aim to reach a varied watching class of concerned SSS clients.

Since its conception last year, the show was able to address many concerns about the benefits, opportunities, rights and laws protecting both the system and its clients.

With a wide range of topics from government support to personal initiatives of securing one's family during untimely situations, “Usapang SSS” has served as a great table to open discussions and address it to local focal persons for immediate action.

Indeed, with a higher trust rating than many government agencies, the local SSS in this division has remained dedicated, passionate in their devotion to secure more and more household.

The invitation of a long time friend lawyer Janice Diaz to sit down as host of the show was more than tempting last year, more so, when it renewed its contract and launched the second run early this year. It was a great opportunity to deliberate many salient programs and expound on its details for familiarity. And so week after week, I found myself surrounded with great financial advisors, life coaches and long time employees who have manifested love for the organization.

To cap the 60th year program, employees from Negros Island gathered in a night of rock n' roll, with all them wearing bell bottom jeans, oversized hairs, and that signature cheeky finish to compliment the 60's jam glow.

It was beyond entertaining to see many Usapang SSS guests perform in jest and vigor. Indeed, it takes a great line up of people to make SSS last for 60 years.

The organization stands firm in its promise to deliver social security. It will continually serve to support families and the aspiration of Filipinos to provide and protect their loved ones.

As for “Usapang SSS,” it will open another chapter early next year, a fitting moment as SSS gears up for another 60 years of meaningful service.