Monday , June 25, 2018

‘Bookies' operator killed, 5 others arrested

CANDABA -- A suspected operator of an illegal numbers game known as “bookies” was killed over the weekend in a shootout with law enforcers after allegedly resisting arrest during a raid in a barangay here.

The fatality was identified Rolando Yambao, alias “Barak”, 35, suspected leader of the “Balagtas Criminal Group” operating in Pampanga and nearby Bulacan province, said Pampanga Police Provincial Office Director Joel Consulta.

Consulta said Yambao and his group were under tight surveillance by the police following reports of its involvement in illegal gambling and drugs.

But despite repeated warnings from the police, Consulta said Yambao still continued his illegal operations until he met his death on Saturday in an illegal gambling den in Barangay Bahay Pare here.

Yambao was proclaimed dead on the spot after suffering gunshot wounds in different parts of the body, while his five other companions surrendered peacefully.

Consulta identifed the arrested suspects as Manolito Villorente (owner of the house), Lilibeth Yambao, Victorino de la Cruz, Reggie Bernardino and Paul Anthony Ignacio.

Recovered from the crime scene were a caliber .45 pistol and its ammunition, "papelitos" used in the illegal numbers game, 19 sachets of suspected shabu and cash amounting to P20,349.

Meanwhile, Consulta said two more suspects identified as “Paul” and “Arnold” are still being hunted by police after escaping the crime scene.