Thursday , June 21, 2018

Fear of missing out

FOMO or the fear of missing out, along with another disease called entitlement mentality, is responsible for many deaths. It’s the sinister snake that swallows your inner peace and spits them out into shattered relationships.

It’s the boogeyman that keeps you awake and addicted to social media 24 hours a day, your mind constantly horrified of being left behind on what’s the latest.

This fear of missing out is a species camouflaging as grit, being in-the-know, or ambition.

In fact, it’s quite common for people to pass it as “Hey! Where’s your sense of fun/excitement?” It’s often whispered tauntingly as “no one will know”, or “everybody’s doing it anyway.”

Well, we all want to have fun and excitement. But a person’s definition of what is fun and exciting tells so much of who he is. Psychopaths enjoy what normal, functioning, and rational human being would gladly miss out on. Addicts would sacrifice dignity, family, and even their own lives to satisfy cravings.

“No one will know” is the most laughable phrase in this day and age. Whenever you’re on the verge of doing something utterly stupid, just make sure you’re ready to have it posted online for everyone to see for all eternity.

And if “everybody’s doing it”, why do something so ordinary then?

If information if power, why is there a rise in stupidity where we believe even the most absurd of false news?

Because we get terrified by the thought of “missing out,” we fail to think of the trade-off. We bump our heads in all the novelty that we don’t get to see the bigger picture. We’re supposed to say no to the little things so we can say yes to the bigger things.

When we get attacked by Fomo, we mess up identifying which are the distractions and which are the ones that truly matter.

We want to taste everything, feel everything, and be everything. We forget that the happiest people are not the ones with the most experience, the most possessions, or the most achievement.

Because they’re not sensationalized, we don’t get to hear about the individuals most at peace with their souls because they were willing to “miss out” so they can stand by their core values and principles.

When you miss out on that crispy lechon, the lava cakes, or the unli rice, you get the extra energy to play more and work more. You also get to miss out endless laboratory tests and visits to the doctors.

When you miss out on the late night parties and drinking session, you start appreciating the calmness that comes with an early morning ritual may it be a simple meditation, an exhilarating run, or an invigorating cup of coffee.

When you miss out on that guy because he’s already married, you gain your self-respect and the opportunity to be in a relationship that builds a home rather than destroying one.

When you miss out on three-day sale offers because you’re saving for your business, you earn long-term investment that can the road to your financial independence.

When you deliberately “miss out” or can bravely shout “pass!” at the things that have little or no value, FOMO loses its grip and gets replaced by LFWMM – love for what matters most.