Monday , June 25, 2018

Police to make dialogues among frat groups

ZABOANGA City Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar has ordered the City Police Office to initiate a dialogue of all fraternity groups including the concerned schools and parents in a bid to stop fraternity disputes in this city.

Salazar said the police should also conduct a thorough and impartial investigation on reports of alleged fraternity or gang wars and or rumbles that happened in this city recently.

Salazar added drastic measures should be taken before the fraternity or gang disputes may lead to violence and or bloodshed.

The dialogue is ultimately aimed to have the different fraternities sign a waiver or pledge of commitment that they will not do anything to harm or hurt each other and should there be any breach of agreement, the violator will be dealt with accordingly by the police and military.

Meanwhile, she appealed to all members of fraternity groups and so-called “gangs” to channel their energies to more worthwhile or productive activities instead of hurting each other.

“As mayor, I respectfully appeal to you to please utilize your resources positively and productively without as engaging in any form of violence because you must as good citizens contribute to the welfare of the city as it will be for your benefit and your future,” Salazar said.

She added that fraternity groups can initiate bloodletting activities or participate in the different activities of the city such as the forthcoming Zamboanga Hermosa Festival or even projects in the the villages.

“We need you to help Zamboanga City, please help us, we believe you have potentials and these can be made to proper use,” the mayor said. (SunStar Philippines)