Saturday , June 23, 2018

Tourism department revives walking culture

THE Department of Tourism (DOT) is bringing back the culture of walking in the city.

DOT-Cordillera regional director Venus Tan has installed walk meters in key parks in the mountain town in a bid to encourage locals and visitors to walk instead of riding public transport.

“We are conditioning our locals and visitors to walk,” Tan said.

The walking meters are located in Burnham, Mines View and Wright Park, which will note intended location as well as the number of kilometers and the equivalent calories burned if you walk the distance of the intended area.

Tan said the signs encourage a careless community which the Summer Capital has intended to be, according to the original plan of the Americans, who built the city as a rest and recreation area with streets designed to be narrow and discourages use of vehicles.

“We are reviving health and wellness in the city, encouraging them not to bring cars,” Tan added.

The project is under the DOT’s REV Campaign geared towards a re-bloom, re-green and rehabilitation which enjoins community participation in projects.

The program of the DOT is a collaboration and synergy of government agencies, local government units and academic institutions, private sector groups and members of the community.

The REV Bloom campaign is also aiming to push local products into the limelight and champion local entrepreneurs.

Tan said more signs will be set up by the DOT and next areas in the region will be Sagada and Banaue where walking is likewise encouraged.