Monday , June 25, 2018

Organic farming for livestock pushed

NON-ANTIBIOTIC farming, also known as organic farming, is being pushed by the Davao Association of Veterinary Technical Representatives (Davets) as the direction of the livestock industry.

According to Davets president Isagani Gascal, on this year’s Davao Agri Trade Expo, Davets is going to present new technologies discovered and developed in order to better the livestock industry. This includes their act of going into organic livestock farming primarily for the health of the consumers.

“Nowadays, there are already many veterinary products made of plant materials. That’s the direction. So there is a farm here in Mindanao in which they are not using antibiotic. They are also producing eggs using mostly organic products. Although we are on the veterinary sector, we really encourage the use of organic products because it could really affect the population,” said Gascal, adding that there is also one farm in Davao City that uses organic products but they wish to not name it.

He added these farms use natural plant-based materials, such as oregano leaves, among others.

Gascal, who is also into swine growing, admitted that they have yet to fully implement organic farming in their own farm but is positive that it is the current direction where the livestock industry is headed. (JPA)