Tuesday , May 22, 2018

Only 5 delinquent Manokan tenants signified to pay rent

BACOLOD City Administrator John Orola said Wednesday, September 13, that only five delinquent Manokan Country tenants have signified the intention to settle their accumulated monthly dues and penalties.

Orola, along with City Treasurer Giovanni Balalilhe and Councilor Bartolome Orola, chairperson of committee on markets, held a meeting on Wednesday, to discuss the status and accounts of the Manokan Country tenants.

On August 18, the City Treasure's Office (CTO) served the second and final notices to the 18 tenants who have big arrears.

Most of them have arrears from P300,000 to P500,000. Of the 26 stall owners, only eight have updated their accounts.

Councilor Orola held a public hearing with the members of the Manokan Country Vendors Association Tuesday, but he is still finalizing the report to be submitted to the City Administrator’s Office.

Balalilhe said the tenants were given 20 days to settle their accounts, but as of Monday only five have sent replies that they will pay.

He said the 20-day deadline will end on September 21, then the collection notices will be forwarded to the City Legal Office for the legal action.

City Administrator Orola said that if the delinquent tenants fail to settle their accounts, they will be charged for violation of City Ordinance 160, Series of 1996 or the Revised Market Code of Bacolod City.

He said that Section 32 states that failure of the holder to pay the rent or fees within 15 days in case of daily payments or within 20 days in case of monthly payments shall be sufficient cause for the revocation of the lease right and ejectment from the occupied stall or space.

David Montoya, president of association, had earlier said they are requesting for the condonation of their penalties and surcharges so that they can pay and the city could impose strict collection of their rentals this year.

The Commission on Audit and the CTO had earlier said the accounts of the delinquent Manokan country tenants have reached P6.8 million.