Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Art Talk, residency and ways to improve Davao artistry

THE past few months have seen the exodus of artists to Davao, who already made their name in the finicky art world and are earning big-time from their works, a state that many artists in Davao still have to achieve.

During their visits, art students are called in to listen and be inspired by how they are making it, learning the craft not just of visual arts but also of enterprise, because art can only be sustained if the artist can derive a decent, even prosperous life from his body of works.

The first batch that arrived was in July 2017, where the likes of Rene Robles, Aris and Dale Bagtas, and art manager Bill Perez talked with art students and artists at the Cinematheque Davao in a hastily gathered Art Talk. Last August, the students were gathered again to listen to multi-awarded Manny Garibay, who hails from North Cotabato but has built a name in the Manila art scene.

From September 25 to 27, another batch of artists from Bacolod and Manila are arriving, this time as part of the infant stage of an art residency program being organized by local art groups led by Kublai Millan in cooperation with the Philippine Women's College of Davao and the University of Mindanao. Both schools have art programs, the Tabula Rasa art group, the Guhit Pinas Davao Chapter, and the United Durian Artists.

Among those arriving are Bacolod City's Charlie Co and Manny Garibay along with their best artists. Clay sculptor Joe Geraldo already arrived on Saturday, September 16, as the advance guy and will be doing short workshops on clay.

All these are hoped to bring about not just a vibrant art scene in Davao City, but more importantly one that allows artists to prosper and flourish.