Friday , June 22, 2018

Budget-wise and home-made ramen at Ramen House

THERE was just Imee and I that night, which could have meant we can only order a little. But at Ramen House, you can wing it a little bit to get a taste of more, and yet not be wasting food, nor spend much.

We ordered four of their ramen: the beef curry (because we want to know how they do their curry), the vegetarian (because I have many vegetarian friends and I'd want to check if this will pass muster), the pork tonkatsu (because that's the most common ramen and it pays to compare), and the chasu pork (because Imee said she wants it).

Except for the seafood ramen, which is not available in small size, all other ramen flavors come in small, medium, large bowls. We got all small.

Take note: the small bowls that go for P85 does not have egg. If you want egg, you add one whole egg sliced into two which is P30. Half an egg is P15. So if you are really counting pesos, then take that into consideration when you are pondering on getting a small bowl or a medium bowl. A medium bowl goes for P160 (except for seafood, which costs more but I can't recall how much).

A big bowl goes for P195 for all except seafood. The seafood big bowl is P240.

The prices now all taken care of, let's go to the taste. I have this gut feel that they use pork stock simply because the soup doesn't taste like chicken soup. So, if you have issues about pork, it's best to ask. We were so busy slurping our bowls of soup, I forgot to ask.

Overall? It's not the wow to high heavens, but it's better than some other ramen I've had around. The soup is clean, and that's good tidings for me. But maybe I'd go for the full bowl next time, just to get the feel of having a complete bowl of ramen instead of the budget one.

You go try their ramen with their organic chili sauce, too. Although it's not as bad as that Korean noodles kids are daring each other to try, it's still hot. Actually, I told Imee, it's not a sauce, it's dinikdik na siling labuyo (pulverized siling labuyo). It's good!

Overall, it's worth a try, really. But it's a Ramen House, so, don't expect anything else except ramen. (They have dessert though, there were several cakes and pastries on display, we were just very full by then).
And yes, they make their own noodles.

Ramen House is along Ruby Street in Marfori Heights, just before the road curves toward the direction of San Rafael Village. It's right beside the Convenience Store there right before the bend.