Thursday , April 26, 2018

Estremera: Mind explosion

THERE are days when things just seem to speed up and you're overwhelmed with the things that you have to attend and tend to, you can't help but wonder how can others even bear to be idle?

True, I have my idle time to rest and gather speed, but that's all it is. There are tons of work that needs to be done for the world, time cannot be wasted.

It's been a running joke between my buddy and I, to start any sentence with a phrase on what we are talking about.

Example: Regarding the exhibit, or About the art residency, or let's talk about the book.

That's because things are being done all at the same time, sometimes we lose track of what the other is talking about. You would too if you are doing like maybe two to three major projects all at the same time on top of your regular work.

Beyond that, there's work and how it is fast evolving these days into something we still do not have a full grasp of but which we must embrace, anyway.

Used to be, there were clear delineations between the different forms of media: print, TV, radio, Internet.

Now, the lines are not just blurred but are overlapping and constantly moving sometimes one takes on the prominent role, at other times another one is.

"You have to take up the slack and run as fast," I told my staff. "I've been running a long time now, starting from the typewriter."

This just illustrates that even as I am not even close to a century old, media has already evolved through many platforms.

Cursed (or gifted) with the enthusiasm to jump in when new things are evolving, I find myself buried to the tips of my hair and barely able to breathe, but hey, this is but an upgrade of what was before.

This brings me back to the 1990s when Internet first came to Davao. The first was Weblinq, and then there was Interasia and the Mozcom. With Weblinq, we were just users -- internet cafe users at that. The office finally got an account with Interasia, and that was when I jumped in blindly, after learning how to make a virtual button by just writing "less than" sign, the word "button", and "greater than" sign.

You should have seen me depressing that virtual button and being all fascinated by it for like an hour. My visual brain was finding it hard to process that a set of letters typed could make something that looks like a button and can be depressed like a button, virtually. From that single button that the Interasia techie guy taught me how to make, I explored the Internet and learned to write scripts using html (hypertext markup language). Sleepless nights were spent in the office before I came up with Sun.Star Davao's first ever website in 1997, long before the network put up its website.

True, there are dips in the years when nothing seems to move, but there are also hyper-years when things seem to go fast. The past three years has been among the most hyper as social media takes the lead and we're running along.

It's been a long time since I've ventured into html and all its upgrades, it might take a refresher for me to get back right in, but then, I don't even need to as there are younger ones just waiting to be prodded.

For now, we're just having fun with the social media aspect of our work, and we're having fun as we plan and plot our way to what we call "world domination".

But, don't take us seriously. We are just having fun. Except that... the ones who are enjoying what they are doing always end up the winner.

While we prance along, there is the constant reminder that to be at the top of your game, you just have to keep on innovating and dancing in the rain. It's more fun that way.

Meanwhile, in Lapu-lapu City, a mother livestreamed the sexual abuse on her infant for a fee of between P6,000 and P15,000 to her clients abroad, the Sun.Star Cebu reported.

In this life, everything has a dark side. We have to constantly remind ourselves to always choose the light. All the time.