Friday , June 22, 2018

Bogo City’s students make it as scholars of National Rondalla Camp

THE Rondalla Music Camp organized a nationwide screening of the country’s best Rondalla players in search of scholars for the first National Rondalla Camp in Baguio City.

Out of more than 200 applicants, 99 outstanding young artists qualified, 11 of whom are from the City of Bogo Science and Arts Academy.

A screening of musical conductors was also held and CBSAA’s music consultant and Rondalla conductor Slavsky Ybanez was among the 24 who qualified.

The first of its kind Rondalla Music Camp targets to gather 100 rondalla practitioners, including musicians, conductors, arrangers, composers to undergo an intensive training on different aspects of rondalla performance and its practice in general.

The 12-day workshop offers training and education for free to the most capable rondalla musicians and practitioners here and abroad.

“The idea of offering an intensive two-week training in both over-all musical knowledge and performance skills to young players and conductors was conceived in order to seriously explore the idea of professionalizing the Filipino rondalla and bringing it at par with other artistic groups in the arena of Philippine music,” said Dr. Ramon P. Santos, head of the Rondalla Music Camp organizers.

The camp offered students a chance to be trained by music mentors from the University of the Philippines Diliman College of Music.

“I see this as an avenue to elevate the Rondalla playing skills of our students from CBSAA. To give us the opportunity to be recognized the world over, and put Bogo City in the map of the Rondalla world,” conductor Slavsky Ybanez said in an interview.

This year’s camp concluded with a K'libet concert performed by the participants at the CAP-John Hay Trade & Cultural Center, Camp John Hay. (Contributed article)