Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Valle: If I am the President

IF I am the duly elected president, my priority would be unwavering service for my country folk, because first and foremost, it was them whom I owe my allegiance to, because it was the Filipino people who installed me in power.

As a leader that was chosen by millions of ordinary citizens, I will always keep in mind that the power vested upon me was not of my own making, but by the pure confidence given me by majority of my people, and that I also need to be faithful to the promises that I have made.

The covenant that I have with my people shall always guide me throughout the challenging and trying times as I exercise my duties as a leader. The people’s dream for Peace which I initially shared must always be of prime importance as this dully constituted government which I am leading attempts to chart new courses towards the attainment of justice, peace and prosperity.

As the President of this Republic, I must always be guided by the lessons of the past governance before me, and must not forget that I am beholden to no powers surrounding me but the sacred covenant that I have with the Filipino people who have given me the authority to carry the weight of governing them and pursuing their dreams for Peace based on justice.

I know that the tasks before me is not simple and easy, but that I have the spirit of the whole nation behind me, and I could never go wrong if I let the conscience of the Filipino people to guide me.

Therefore, I need not assume that the only effective way of control against those who will defy my administration is nothing but brute force and the use of destructive machineries that will annihilate them.

Because I believe, and I have the full confidence of my people in my governance and it is their will that shall prevail.

And so I need not commit the mistakes of the past, by relying on the destructive power of the muzzle of the gun which only succeeds in undermining my people’s faith in my administration, not because of fear of death, but because of disillusionment.

Hence, I must always go back to where I started, and remember where the positive vibes commenced between me and the people I have vowed to serve.

I must always recall that it was not by threats to their lives that I have gained their confidence, nor the dazzle of wealth, or promises of prosperity.

It was the possibility of attaining the illusive Peace in our land that my people saw where I could be an instrument, that was where they have staked their precious votes.

It was the positive stance that I have had in my dealings with the differing views and aspirations of diverse cultures that I have initially shown in the past that gave them hope that I could be the leader that they have been searching for all these years.

If I am the president therefore, I would know that putting up shields around me would only isolate me from my very roots, and the people whom I have sworn to serve and protect.

Walls could cut off the littlest of glimpse that I need to see every day so that I shall be a just and humane leader to my people. Walls could deafen and deaden my senses from the cries for justice and mercy, for the women and children, the very weakest among them. Walls could blind me forever from seeing the glaring truth out in the cold and under the heat of the sun.

If I am the president, I would not want uniformed walls to keep me away from the real protection that I have, and that is my people’s confidence in me.