Saturday , June 23, 2018

Davao mayor asks PNP chief to show anti-drug stats

DAVAO City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio urged Philippine National Police chief Ronald dela Rosa to release verified data on drug-related killings to clear the country's name, besmirched by those accusing government of massive killings in its drug war.

Duterte-Carpio in a press conference held at Davao City Conference Hall Wednesday, September 20, said she considers 13,000 deaths in one year and two months, or 100 deaths per day as impossible.

"It is a communication problem kay dapat kung naay musulti ug 13,000 mutan-aw dayon ka sa langit and mag-compute ka, diba, 13,000 meaning sa atong nasud everyday naay 100 nga mamatay, impossible! Sus ginoo! Lisud magpatay ug over 100 ka tao sa isa ka adlaw (It is a communication problem because if you will say 13,000, it should be that you will look up in the sky and compute -- 13,000 meaning 100 deaths a day. That's impossible! God, it is hard to kill over 100 people per day)," she said.

She urged Dela Rosa to provide data to clear this misconception.

"Dapat siguro as policemen ipagawas nila ang ilang data, number of operations, number of people neutralized in operations the way that we do, the way that Police Senior Superintendent Alexander Tagum does it, mao unta na gusto nako i-share sa iyaha ang Davao city experience para lang ma-correct (As the police authority, they should provide the data, the number of operations, number of people neutralized the way that we do, the way police Senior Superintendent Alexander Tagum does it. This is what I want to share with him, the Davao City experience just to correct something)," she said.

The mayor said that the world is looking at the Philippines and the negative notion must be corrected, and the police have all the system to count crime volume, crime incident, and solution efficiency.

"Dapat i-correct nimo ang negative notion kay ikaw policemen nimo sa Pilipinas dapat i-correct nimo ang negative notion especially pag-false ang claims and kung mali ang facts, i-correct nimo with your data kay naa naman sa ilaha and naa naman na silay sistema how they count crime volume, crime incident, solution efficiency kanang ingon ana (Since you head the policemen of the Philippines you should correct the negative notion especially since it is a false claim and if the facts are wrong, you should correct it with your data since you have the system of counting crime volume, crime, incident and solution efficiency, like that)," she said.

Duterte-Carpio said she is just disappointed that the wrong data is being used by those who seek to destroy the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.