Saturday , June 23, 2018

‘Patients’ caretakers must follow rules of CLMMRH’

CARETAKERS of patients at Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital in Bacolod City should follow hospital rules especially in bringing food and eating utensils inside the hospital rooms and premises, said medical center chief Dr. Julius Drilon.

He said it is not a new policy since it started five years ago as part of its infection control measures.

“We have 800 patients and another 800 caretakers. They are 1,600. Visitors also come and go. Imagine how many bottles of mineral water and softdrinks we dispose everyday and other waste including spoiled food left by those who are eating inside the hospital rooms and premises everyday?” Drilon said.

He added that all those waste generated can bring or develop infections.

“This is what we wanted to prevent because it is affecting our patients,” he said.

“These caretakers wanted to eat together with the patients. We don’t want to tolerate it because just like any other private hospitals here, in the country and even in the North Pole, hospitals have its own house rules,” Drilon said.

He added that wastes invite cockroach, ants, cats, among others and these can infect patients who matter to the hospital management than the convenience of the caretakers.

“Being an ISO-certified hospital, we need to impose this to prevent infection from putting our patients to danger,” Drilon said. “We allow light snacks but food such as steamed rice, sauteed viands, and even fried dried fish are really not allowed inside the hospital rooms and premises.”

“Those who occupy the private rooms can have a little leeway because they have their own private rooms and know how to properly dispose their wastes. What we don't want are those who don't care about proper disposal,” he added.

“These caretakers who are complaining are only thinking about themselves and not the welfare of the majority as a whole,” Drilon further said.