Saturday , June 23, 2018

Libre: Wind of change

MAXIMUM tolerance for protesters, says Cebu City cops.

No violent reaction to the approach.


Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña mulls closing two buildings in IT Park.

Those buildings will be grounded.


Five hundred drug surrenders to finish 6-month rehab course on Sept. 26.

It’ll be a bonus for the authorities if these individuals surrender the names of their suppliers.


Foundation introduces mobile app to monitor weather forecasts.

It’s a wind of change for all.


“No more rotating brownouts.”

Veco just earned some brownie points.


Cebu City police to schools: monitor students for signs of hazing.

Or else, administrators get a spanking.


Police seek public’s help in rescuing street carollers.

Can they stay in a conservatory of music?


Police, tanods monitoring youth gangs.

They’ve got to do it fast otherwise these youths will become full-grown criminals.


Sardines-for-trash program expands.

The program is self-sustaining, as worms are used to catch fish.


House restores Commission on Human Rights original budget.

Is that enough to restore our respect for the congressmen?