Saturday , June 23, 2018

Pangan: A boost to infrastructure development

FINALLY, the administration’s infrastructure-driven development push is underway with the approval by the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) and President Duterte of the “mega” infrastructure
projects that are designed not only to alleviate and improve urban congestion but also to help in sustaining the economic growth our country is experiencing ahead of its neighbors.

Former Senate President Manny Villar posits thus: The philosophy of infrastructure development rests on the idea that economic growth can be spurred by building infrastructure like ports, railways, airports, even internet and communication facilities.

Truly, the infrastructure development push by the government will definitely spur the growth of our economic thrust and priorities and will usher in a chain of reactions from all aspects of our lives-from social, economic and even political.

This time, the Mindanao region is given attention and big share in the national budget. The rationale for the implementation of projects is too intimidating as to be ignored by the authorities. The upgrading of seven
roads and the widening of a 40-kilometer road segment is critical in the government’s efforts to spur and encourage massive economic growth in this perennially troubled region of the Philippines.

We can see that the pledges from foreign nations generated by the previous President’s visits are being put to good and beneficial use. The international lenders we have good relationship with such as the Asian Development Bank is lending us P1.2 billion to finance three Tawi-Tawi bridges and other structures in Mindanao, thus ushering peace and progress in this marginalized part of the country.

The total Neda board approvals, by the way, for infrastructure projects amount to a staggering total cost of P1.2 trillion, a huge percentage of our national budget.


I wish to thank VP Engr. Bien Mateo of SM Supermalls for making possible my birthday celebration on September 21. Through him and Junias Eusebio, Regional Operations Manager, I was accommodated by SM Baguio where family
Members and I spent three days and two nights at a lodging house at M. H. del Pilar, Baguio City adjacent to Burnham Park.

Thank you also to Rona and Jansen, mall manager, for their prompt action and accommodation for me and family.

It was my first trip via SCTEX and the seamless TPLEX which facilitated lesser and trouble-free travel time, passing through several towns of Tarlac and out to Urdaneta and Binalonan in Pangasinan. From there, it was faster climbing up to Baguio, a metropolis also beset with traffic jams, severe lack of potable water and pollution.