Sunday , June 24, 2018

Okasyon: Celebrate life's rare moments

AS SOMEONE who fancies weddings over marriages, I found myself stunned in how beautifully SMX Convention Center was able to transform itself from the traditional gray and monotonous venue for meetings and conferences to a posh dining setting with cutleries that complemented the massive shining chandeliers that were hung overhead.

On September 15, Okasyon: A Celebration’s Fair was launched at the SMX Convention Center, SM Lanang Premier and stayed until September 17.

Upon entrance to the main hall, I was welcomed by three arches with flower vines crawling underneath and around it decorated by Cameo. It was a beautiful welcome made even more elegant by a long dining table with chairs just as nice as the plates. There were also bunches of white flowers neatly and beautifully arranged after every two plates or so, which complemented the overhead chandelier of flowers and small crystals draping and flowing low enough for the eyes to see and high enough not to disturb the diners.

There were also gowns and suits made by the Davao Fashion Designers which are perfect both for debuts or weddings, or any other grand occasions that would require such chicness and class of fabric.

SMX Convention Center Davao Branch Manager Daphne Jezelle Alojado said that Okasyon, on its fifth year this year is focused on providing networks to connect event suppliers and clients. She said fairs and expos such as this are very much timely as the presidency of President Rodrigo Duterte brings in a variety of social and executive events.

On the other hall next door was a wide array of different event suppliers’ booth from restaurant and caterers, event photographers, gown and suit designers, and event organizers among others.

I was excited and took one by one the flyers and brochures handed out to me as if I were shopping goods, only that time I was met with smiles and questions wanting to know if I have an event coming up.

Some of those that handed me brochures were El Bonita Events, Eight Productions, Salome’s Garden, Alter-Moderne Events, and Jacs Divine Events.

A girl goes through her 18th birthday only once in her entire lifetime that is why for people who love parties and celebrations, they would really love to go through the entire process of planning for the big event. As for wedding, ideally, it also happens to a couple once in a lifetime as well. Okasyon invested on these once in a lifetime events hoping to make it even more special by showcasing whatever it is that the client may have wanted to see on their own big days.

Alojado told Sunstar Davao that the fair also wishes to promote the capability of SMX Convention Center to be a social events venue and not only as a venue for meetings and conferences that it is recently used for.

I remembered covering events in prestigious hotels in the city with ballrooms dressed up according to a specific motif and sometimes a girl in a beautiful balloon gown walks by – most probably the debutant. Most of these instances I catch a glimpse of in hotels but rarely, if none at all, in SMX Convention Center. With how I had seen the convention center dressed up and transformed, maybe it’s not impossible that they would be a perfect venue for social parties such as debuts or even wedding receptions.

It is on rare occasions and life events that make the lives even more exciting and special. The interiors and the grand gowns and suits are just cherry on top of an already delicious ice cream. Perhaps what matters most is in each Okasyon, we celebrate it with the people who truly matters.