Friday , June 22, 2018

Cases filed vs DJ slay suspect

POLICE are guarding Reynante Mambiar, a suspect behind the robbery and killing of disc jockey and cancer survivor Marie Alexi “Maxi” Bolongaita, in the hospital.

Yesterday afternoon, the Homicide Section of the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) filed a complaint against Mambiar for robbery with homicide in the City Prosecutors’ Office.

Supt. Ryan Devaras, chief of the Investigation and Detection Management Branch (IDMB), said that special units of the Homicide Section and the Theft and Robbery Section (TRS) are conducting a case build-up against Mambiar.

Investigators accompanied Maxi’s father, Alex Bolongaita, and the sole witness to the City Prosecutors Office to file the complaint.

The prosecutor’s office docketed the complaint and the inquest proceedings will be held today at 1 p.m.

“We are confident that our case is strong. Aside from his confession of the crime, our TRS are also doing their case build-up of other robbery incidents that he allegedly perpetrated,” Devaras said.

The disc jockey managed to cause several injuries on Mambiar using a bolo and a caliber .22 gun before she was shot twice in the chest.

Mambiar is in critical condition after he sustained a gunshot wound on his face, a stab wound on his shoulder and lacerations in different parts of his body.

Mambiar’s motorcycle and bloodied clothes and the victim’s bag and cellphone were recovered in his aunt’s house on Salinas Drive.

In his affidavit, a witness said that he saw Mambiar clinging to the second floor terrace of the victim’s house past 3 a.m. of Sept. 21.

He said that he saw the suspect’s face because of the light from the street lamp.

The suspect quickly jumped from the terrace to his motorcycle parked outside the house.

When the witness shouted that a thief had just barged into the house, Mambiar threatened to shoot him.

The following day, the witness said, he checked the house and learned that Bolongaita was killed.

He reported the incident to their village officials, who also called the police.

The witness also went with the police to identify the suspect while being treated in the hospital.

Mambiar, who was recently released from the Cebu City Jail, is also the suspect in several burglaries in Barangays Apas, Lahug and Busay.

Mambiar was also arrested last Aug. 30 in Lorega for having two small sachets of shabu in his possession.

Mambiar’s mother said that her son was jailed last 2014 for carnapping.

The intel official said operatives are looking over Mambiar’s condition, if he is already in shape so he could be transferred to the CCPO detention cell.

Devaras said they are inviting Mambiar’s other victims to visit their investigation office to help the police.

Final rites

On Wednesday, Sept. 27, a mass will be offered for Maxi at St. James Room, St. Peter Cebu Mega Chapel and she will be cremated at 1-4 p.m. on the same day, following her wishes.

On Sept. 28, Thursday, a mass will be held at 12:15 p.m. in the Sanctuary of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Another mass will be held on Friday, Sept. 29 at the Divine Mercy Chapel, Sacred Heart Parish while family, friends and relatives will go to Sibonga to plant trees for her. (GMD, JOB)