Tuesday , April 24, 2018

Prices of veggies in Agdao up

PRICES of selected vegetables increased as of Tuesday, September 26, based on the price monitoring conducted by SunStar Davao at the Agdao Public Market.

The price of string beans this week increased to P40 to 50 per kilogram (kg) from last week's P25/kg to P30/kg; radish, depending on the size, is now at P20/kg to 60/kg from P10/kg to P15/kg; Chinese cabbage is at P30/kg to P50/kg from P30/kg to P40/kg; squash, depending on its size, at P30/kg to P40/kg from P25/kg to P30/kg; garlic at P90/kg to 100/kg from P85/kg; red onions at P75/kg to 80/kg fromP70/kg; white onions, depending on its size, is at P100/kg to 130/kg from only 100/kg; cucumber at P20/kg to 30/kg from P10/kg to P15kg; and carrots, depending on its size, is at P70/kg to P90/kg from P80/kg to P90/kg.

Based on the price monitoring, a decrease in the prices of eggplants and potatoes has also been noted.

Eggplants are now at P35/kg from P45/kg last week, while potatoes are now at P65/kg to 70/kg from P75/kg to 80/kg.

The price of other selected vegetables in Agdao market remained stable. Malunggay is at P5 per bundle; sweet potatoes (kamote) are at P30/kg; and ginger, depending on its size, is at P30/kg to 50/kg.

Meanwhile, prices of selected vegetables remained stable as of September 26 at the Bankerohan public market.

Carrots are at P90/kg to P100/kg; String beans at P50/bundle to P55/bundle; malunggay at P5/bundle to P10/bundle; onion at P90/kg to P100/kg; garlic at P90/kg to P100/kg; ginger at P50/kg to P60/kg; eggplant at P40/kg to P50/kg; kalabasa at P30/kg to P40/kg; lettuce at P150/kg to P160/kg; cucumber at P30/kg to P40/kg; radish at P40/kg to P50/kg; and potato at P80/kg to P90/kg.

The prices of tomato and kamote also increased. Tomato is now at P40/kg to P50/kg from last week's P30/kg to P40/kg; kamote is now at P40/kg to P50/kg from P20/kg to P30/kg. (Kimberly Chan, Icey Estepa, Hongjo Yang, Hannah Marie Bual, Jerson Cabusora Jr., Maria Aimee Cariño, Nur Omar, AdDU interns/SunStar Davao)