Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Price of seafood in Bankerohan stable

PRICES of selected fish and seafood at the Bankerohan and Agdao public markets remained stable as of Wednesday, September 28, based on the price monitoring conducted by SunStar Davao.

The price of large squid this week remains at P140 per kilogram (kg) while for the small size is at P130/kg; tilapia is at P60/kg to 140/kg, depending on the size; bangus is at P140/kg to 160/kg; tuna panga is at P260/kg to 280/kg in Agdao and P180/kg to P250/kg in Bankerohan; tuna belly and filler is at P200/kg to P200/kg each; imbao is at P170/kg to P180/kg; seaweed is at P60/kg to P80/kg; moro-moro is at P140/kg; lapu-lapu at P450/kg to P480/kg

However, based on the price monitoring, an increase in the prices of shrimps have been noted. Large shimps are at P260/kg to 380/kg this week from P240/kg to 320/kg last week. Smaller sized shrimps are at P300/kg from P240/kg.

It was also noted in Bankerohan Public Market that the price of large and small squid decreased. Large squid is now pegged at P180/kg to P200/kg from last week’s P330/kg; and small squid is now at P80/kg from P140/kg.

There are no available stocks of tahong because of the red tide in Samar. (Berly Chan, Icey Estepa, Hongjo Yang, Hannah Marie Bual, Jerson Cabusora Jr., Maria Aimee Cariño, Nur Omar, AdDU Interns)