Friday , June 22, 2018

Libre: Feat, Senyor!

HAZARD house in Busay demolished in landslide area.

Its owners have no reason to raise the roof.


RDC 7 to port execs: improve ticketing services.

Do something about it, or ship out.


Sixteen minors caught breaking curfew in two villages.

If you’re out past bedtime, you’ll surely end up having a bad time.


Carmen Copper: Advocacy to go beyond compliance.

The mining company is going for gold.


COA hits snack expenses for tour.

The auditors couldn’t stomach the amount spent.


Lumad Basakanon tops in dance fest.

That’s a feat, Senyor!


Oslob town banks on whale sharks to earn extra.

That should free some folks from loan sharks.


“Plastic ban eases flooding problem.”

Like elastic plastic, public officials just have to stretch their imagination.


Aspiring journalists told: Help address fake news.

False teeth can bite, so does fake news.


House panel approves marijuana use for medical purposes.

This may result in more people calling in sick.