Thursday , April 26, 2018

10 new ambulances boost Central 911

TEN fully-equipped ambulances were formally turned over to Central 911 during their 15th anniversary celebration on Wednesday, September 27, to boost their emergency response capacity.

Given the huge budget allocation of the city for Central 911's personnel and equipment, Davao City administrator lawyer Zuleika Lopez urged them to deliver fast emergency response with competent personnel who undergo regular training.

The new ambulances would also be helpful considering the unprecedented development of Davao City that triggered the influx of tourists and investors as well as migration.

"In this case, the more equipment and the more vehicles we have, the faster that we will be able to deliver the service of emergency response. If we have more vehicles on the field, the faster it is in terms of response rate and more lives will be saved," Lopez said.

She added that there is a long term plan for the city to procure more modern equipment and ambulances to address the growing emergency service needs of Dabawenyos.

Jaldon, in a separate interview, said the additional ambulances that arrived few months ago will significantly help their responders in assisting the public's various emergency needs.

He also said that they came up with a prepositioning scheme where they will preposition ambulances in identified areas with higher demand to quickly respond to incidents for five minutes from the time of call.

He noted that traffic, which is beyond their control, is one of the factors for putting up the system.

"Part of our improvement program, based on the direction of Davao City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio, is to continue to improve services in terms of response time. It covers factors which affect response time (like) availability of the ambulance, accessibility, traffic, speed limits factors that are beyond control," he said.

The city currently has 28 ambulances under Central 911. The center operates 24/7. When a call is received, the scene of emergency is located and responding units will be deployed to the area. (JCR)