Saturday , June 23, 2018

Benguet cops strengthen internal security

BENGUET police continuous to intensify their presence in the province following the deployment of 146 members of the Provincial Public Safety Company.

With the main objective of strengthening internal security operations and law enforcement in the 13 municipalities of the province, the Benguet PPSC is also involved as first responders and back-up support units in times of calamities and disasters.

“We are always ready for deployment in case our unit is needed by the local a government unit. Take for example the need for maneuvering platoons to guard against possible insurgents units that may pass through the province,” said Chief Inspector Rommel Sawatang, assistant company commander of Benguet PPSC.

In terms of manpower, members of the PPSC may be deployed to municipal police offices (MPO) in the province to act as additional support units involved in law enforcement activities but not in administrative procedures of the various MPO’s.

Sawatang explained members of the PPSC commonly comes from the rank of Police Officer 1 and above which undergoes internal security operations, basic police training course and combat duty readiness.

This aside from commando training, special action force training and scout ranger training prior to their entry to the PPSC.

“Of the 146 members of the PPSC, 23 of them are females who have undergone trainings prior to their assignment to the PPSC but most of them are signed to administrative functions, it is safe to say that we observe gender sensitivity also,” Sawatang reiterated.

Despite the lack of equipments, the Benguet PPSC makes do with what it presently has through initiatives to fulfill its duties.

“At present, we are now on standby for possible deployment to the various barangays in the province if ever the barangay and SK elections would pursue, aside from immediate deployment to municipal police offices, strike force units, and in case of emergencies needing manpower,” added Sawatang.