Friday , June 22, 2018

Right mindset, strong goals

FOR over seven years, Morales Group Inc. continues to give unrelenting effort and passion to provide the simplest and most effective solutions and services that its clients need.

Morales Group Inc. is a leading global provider of mobility solutions and transportation to various agencies, public and private schools, hotels, corporations, balikbayans, tourist and other individual or group clients.

It is operating some of the most recognized brands in the industry namely JPMorales Car Rentals, 1Global Car Rentals & Transportation Provider, and JPMorales Logistic Forwarder Trucks.

With its efficient services and formidable reputation, the company steadily rose as one of the leading vehicle and truck rental operators nationwide. To date, the company and its licensees operate the JPM Car Rentals and 1Gobal brands with more than 500 vehicles nationwide.

Humble beginnings

Not known to many, Morales Group Inc. was founded by a young entrepreneur who had the strong determination to build a transportation venture that meets clients’ requirements based on their budget or priorities.

In the year 2009, its president and chief executive officer Jayson Paguio Morales found an opportunity to start a transportation services business which became in-demand in Central Luzon.

From that success, Morales had seen the power of a willful and creative mind in the business domain. And through hard work and perseverance, a small office transformed into a corporate company—which gave birth to other subsidiaries.

After Morales put up the Morales Group Inc. and JPMorales Group of Companies that now covers a wider market, it led him to more business opportunities from various places in Central Luzon with different target markets.

He was able to pioneer the JPMorales Car Rentals, 1 Global Car Rentals & Transportation Provider, JPM Automotive Online Store, and many more.

This year, with Morales’ strong curiosity and thorough studies, as well as his eagerness to expand and explore new opportunities, fast-growing business ventures were built. One of which is his fragrances business, The Fragrance Outlet.

With the young entrepreneur’s leadership, the Morales Group Inc. has been very fortunate to be recognized by a number of international, local, and national groups over the years.

According to Morales, these feats are without the trust and support of everyone who had helped him and believed in his aspirations.

“We are grateful to our employees, partners, investors, clients and those we work with every day for making us the company we seek to be. In all we do, we strive to build better futures,” he said.

He furthered that the insights and lessons he accumulated while putting up the business at a young age and managing the corporation up to now can also be applied to entrepreneurship in general.

”I believe that success can be achieved with the right mindset and strong setting of goals,” he noted.

“Our enduring success is due to our uncompromising commitment to our investors and clients. Our value-based investment style continues to serve our investors and clients well. Moreover, we cherish the strong relationships we have built with our investors and clients over the years, and we truly appreciate their loyalty,” he added.

Better future ahead

The forward-looking executive relayed that by adhering to the company’s core values, coming up with the right strategy and new solutions, and putting the satisfaction of the clients above anything else, the company can achieve its vision to be a leader in the vehicle rental industry.

“We will be a leader in the vehicle rental industry by focusing on customers, our people, growth, innovation, and efficiency. All of these elements will drive bottom line success and show that JPM Car Rentals, 1Global and JPMorales Logistics Forwarder Trucks are stronger together than they could be alone,” he said.

He added that while the transportation industry is currently living in interesting times, he is committed to stay on track and move forward.

“In 2010, we committed to explicitly define a formal statement of purpose. As we thought about what truly drives our purpose, we considered that technology has engendered many new and different ways that people can connect, virtually,” he explained.

“But that’s just never the same experience as being there, live and in person. Whether visiting a special place, being with loved ones, or sealing an important deal, there are a myriad of reasons why people travel. This is why travel continues to be essential to the human experience. So, if an interaction is important, people travel—in order to make that personal connection. And when they do, they’re going to need a car,” he added.

He concluded that more than anything else, the company believes in the power of personal connections.

“Our purpose is to ensure people connect in the moments that matter.”