Thursday , April 26, 2018

Palace slams Trillanes' 'empty expose' vs Duterte

MALACAÑANG on Wednesday blasted Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for launching another "empty" tirade against President Rodrigo Duterte, in connection with the lawmaker's alleged offshore bank accounts.

Trillanes, in a privilege speech delivered Tuesday, accused the President of "buying" the purported documents of his clandestine bank accounts abroad to a certain "Daniel "Snooky" Cruz for P10 million.

Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella dismissed the latest revelation of Trillanes against Duterte as an "expose as empty as the hall he spoke in."

"The privilege speech of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV had nothing new to offer by way of information or insight," Abella said in a statement.

Trillanes has alleged that Duterte and his family have accumulated ill-gotten wealth amounting to billions of pesos that were kept in several bank accounts.

The Chief Executive then turned the tables on the senator, who he claimed has bank accounts in Shanghai, China; Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland; and in Singapore.

Amid the apparent spat between the two public officials, Trillanes mocked Duterte for buying evidence against him to Cruz, alleged former United States federal agent and a financial forensics expert.

Trillanes alleged that Cruz merely "invented" the documents of his supposed offshore bank accounts.

"This was invented by a certain Daniel 'Snooky' Cruz. This person is pretending to be well-connected to US Embassy. He claimed to be a former federal agent," he said in his privilege speech.

Abella, however, slammed Trillanes for merely basing his allegation on a photo that was "obviously taken from social media."

He further said that the senator has not enough evidence to substantiate his claim that Cruz was the real source of Duterte regarding his numerous bank accounts in other nations.

"Mr. Trillanes did not present any proof, except photos of Mr. Cruz with the President and other government officials, which are obviously taken from social media," Abella said. (SunStar Philippines)