Tuesday , April 24, 2018

DepEd-Davao official: Education has improved

AN OFFICIAL of the Department of Education (DepEd) in Davao Region said the education sector in the country has improved under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

"We are happy that the President of the country, including the Education Secretary, are doing a lot for the teachers, reviving the strong unity among the education sector that was temporarily lost in the previous administrations," DepEd-Davao Spokesperson Jenielito Atillo said.

With the efforts of the present administration towards public school teachers such as salary increase, additional benefits, and increased resources for teaching materials, Atillo said these have helped the education sector to be more dedicated in giving quality education to the Filipino students.

He said DepEd-Davao will continue to perform satisfactorily even with the recent information received that the Department's budget for next year may be reduced.

"For now we are contented of what the administration has given to us. We know that even when our budget will be decreased, the government will continue to support our sector," Atillo said.

Meanwhile, DepEd-Davao is conducting a simultaneous celebration today for the World Teachers' Day with all of its District Offices and public schools in Davao Region.

The education department expressed its gratitude to the private sector that joined the celebration by giving discounts and privileges to the teaching and non-teaching personnel today by just presenting their identification cards showing that they are in a teaching profession.

"We are seeing an improved acceptance from all sectors. We felt that the teaching profession is now more appreciated," he said.

Atillo said DepEd-Davao salutes all of its teachers for the sacrifices they made and continue to do in compliance with public service, adding that the Department will continue to prioritize their welfare as much as with the students. (BSC)