Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Nissan Tagum showroom opens

NISSAN Tagum Showroom, the first in Mindanao by the Gateway Group of Companies, officially opened on Friday, October 6, and boasts of being one of the few showrooms with the Nissan Retail Environment Design Initiative (NREDI).

According to Nissan Philippines, Inc. president and managing director Ramesh Narasimhan, they have conducted market studies before going into expansion in the region and have discovered the potential that Tagum City has especially with the economic aspect, infrastructure availability, and the good purchasing power of the people in Tagum.

The new showroom is twice the size of a normal dealership with a total area of 781 square meters is equipped with full service facilities. Their interior layout is deliberately more spacious than the other showrooms, complemented with architectural design they hope to create a welcoming atmosphere to the clients.

The Nissan Tagum Showroom is the 5th showroom nationwide with the NREDI and according to Narasimhan, their future showrooms will also look similar as well.

“I’m pretty sure that this is the best looking showroom in all of Tagum. It’s the most inviting and the most modern. We outshine all the other showrooms. We have already initiated activities a few weeks back. We have gotten a feel of the market and it is positive. I was very surprised to notice the untapped potential here as I discovered that most clients have to pay the full P20,000 downpayment, for example. And there were not many aggressive car promos in the market here so we are very excited about the potential this region has,” said Gateway Motors Group executive vice president Michael Goho.

He added their showroom in Tagum will be complete with the different units offered by Nissan from sedan, vans, SUVs, picks-ups, to cross overs.

“Our goals are to increase Nissan visibility, strengthen its presence, and put Nissan in its rightful place which is always as a leader in the car market,” he added.

Gateway Motors Group president Markane Goho also revealed that they are to open another Nissan showroom in Matina, Davao City which they target to begin construction within the first half of 2018.

They already have branches in Cebu, Bohol, Palawan, Northern Luzon, and Metro Manila.