Wednesday , June 20, 2018

Bautista: Octobeerfest

JUST so Juan knows, Oktoberfest is celebrated in Munich on September. Yes, it does culminate today. Yes, the end. It is a celebration of the harvest. Wheat, Hops and Barley. first days of October is the last of it. Today that is.

Beer is healthy contrary to what Juan may now think. Some will object, maybe even debate and probably bring in a doctor who will tell so and refute what Juan just mentioned.

Once when I was younger, I was witness to a drinking session of beer with children. Yes. In Germany and in some other beer States, it is part of the social environment. Children included. I saw a little boy being given his own beer.

To my surprise, Juan was told it was all OK. Juan was told that other than its social value there was its health value too. Really?

Let me just begin by narrating a story once told to Juan. The priests we all know will fast for days. Some of us do too. But for the priests, religiously, literally.

Without any intake for food, they would resort to drinking beer. Yes beer. Most would even brew their own. All that is needed are those that I mentioned. Wheat, Hops and Barley. Healthy indeed. These are found in our multigrain bread and in cereals.

Does it now make sense? It does.

The priests are allowed some intake of liquid, this is it. Wine too but another story for that too. Let's stick with beer for now.

Juan will understand if seeing a priest drinking, but not children. Right? Wrong.

Juan was told of the effects of beer for kids. For one,beer gives them the needed nutrients. Ever notice how big some priests are? Healthy let's just put it that way. Babies too. Beer is given. Obviously no food for them yet.

If it was shocking for Juan to hear about children having beer, this is worse. Babies are given some amount of beer. I was.

Lola's tales were of beer being given to pregnant mothers. Beer is also given to menstruating teens. I won't explain further but Juan can ask. When of course Juan says beer, Juan means "konti konti" and not "konti container."

For babies it it just teaspoons. A glass for moms and teens but not "bottoms up." A bottle maybe. For priests it was breakfast or maybe brunch, lunch and dinner. They too have admitted that at times the priests would ingest the same ingredients but as cereals or bread. Not everyone can have beer all the time.

Fasting doesn't always mean "stop" or "enough" it would also mean "less" or "little." Juan like me, it is always "two beers". Not the same.

For babies, beer does have some good effect on them. Mothers listen to Tito Peter Rey, beer is good for your babies. Let me enumerate.

A few teaspoons of beer brings appetite. It develops their taste buds. Juan knows about this, this is the reason I would indulge in a beer or two before a meal. It does make the meal taste better, my appetite surely.

Like the priests they get to have better build. Not fat but better, surely not thin. The appetite will work every time. They always have "gana." They cry less and plus no tantrums before. The ingredients are what work.

After eating and just like Juan, a belch or a burp it surely is after a gulp of beer. Same and very well for babies. Juan did take care of his own babies too. Just like any Juan, we want the baby to "dighay". After which the effect is always, good. If not the baby is uneasy. Less crying again.

Beer makes Juan sleepy. There you go. Wouldn't Juan want to see their babies sleep. All my kids slept during my sleeping time. I was never disturbed by any of them. Develop a sleeping time the same as yours. Listen to Tito Peter Rey. Juan is speaking from experience. No sweat. No crying again. Sleep tight.

In Germany however there was a selection of beers specifically for children, I saw vanilla and caramel. In fact there was no alcohol content. Today and with less alcohol Juan has noticed flavored beer of apple and lemon. I would put a slice of lemon in my beer at times. Radler is beer mixed with spritz water or Sprite. Popular with the ladies. Joy does.

Only recently I was handed out free beer in Budapest, including our driver. It had all that I mentioned for all purposes concerned but less the alcohol, when I say less, not little but none. It did have the ingredients and the taste.

As I said, beer stimulates our tastes. This by the way was given in a mall that had a food festival. There you go. Now you get the point. Surely everyone went to eat.

Juan would now understand the culture of Juan's "pulutan". It does come with beers or partnered with it. Kudos to food joints that now pair food with beer.

Funny but "pulutan" for the Germans is a pretzel or raw radish. Not for me. But if Juan can afford there's also Crispy Pata and Lechon Manok, really! I'm not pulling any Juan's legs here. They have it like us too. Except the soy and sili.

Cheers too to the Juan's of Amare la Cucina and Baguio Craft Brewery. This Juan's have indeed understood what all I have been saying. Food and Beer. The best is pizzas and beer. It always has been. Shakey's some forty years ago as Juan would remember, maybe even more. Trust me it was that way before. It was always a pitcher of draft beer and Manager's Choice. Fiesta Pizza too in Burnham Park. Cheers guys!

Once, Juan brought his kids to Baguio Craft Brewery, since it's in Baguio, obvious ba. Well Juan did bring the kids there to try and make them taste the different flavors Juan had to offer from there. We tried the strawberry, kiwi, peach and coffee.

I would have expected some Juan to tell me that kids should not be served beer. Well they shouldn't. Not unless they are accompanied and supervised by Juan. Take note parents. I would have objected if they weren't even allowed inside. We all had fun.

There is a big difference between serving and selling beers or alcohol to minors. But if they were accompanied by a responsible adult, especially their parents, why not also. This policy should be adopted by Juan. Like in Germany.

I have always supervised every time Juan drank with his kids or even with their friends. And I say this. Juan will always be responsible for the friends of my kids if ever. I always made it my responsibility even as teenagers with my friends. I was the only Juan with a car at that time. I make sure every Juan is safely at home.

Obviously driving is another issue, none debatable. Don't drink and drive. Only recently was the Dept. of Transportation and its personnel conducting breathalyzer tests to those coming from bars and drinking joints here in Baguio. Good!

Although it seemed to obvious and baiting to me. Maybe some amendment in procedure should be for a random checkpoint but not in the vicinity of bars with sure and obvious offenders. Like I said no baiting or set up. A dismissed case if ever.

I have noticed too that in Europe, around the churches and cathedrals, were beer gardens. Priests and Nuns together with friends and family enjoying a pint or two.

Oh back to non-alcoholic beers, this is sometimes given by establishments for the designated driver. It does not have to be beer, some drink is offered as a gift. Anyway once computed a group of five who will eat and drink will cost more than a thousand pesos and what is one free ice tea or juice for just Juan. Cheers! Prost in the Oktoberfest in Germany.

Oh by the way since we are in the topic. We always assume that "cheers" was bottoms up. Well not at all. For the most, Juan learned that it meant, "health", to your health or good health. Salute!