Friday , May 25, 2018

'More patience' for Oro water consumers

COMPLETE restoration of water supply in the western parts of the city remains uncertain despite the Rio Verde Water Consortium Inc.'s assurance that water supply will normalize at noon on Friday, October 6.

In a press conference on Friday, October 6, Engineer Rachel Beja, Cagayan de Oro City Water District (COWD) general manager, said that they already
sent letters to City Mayor Oscar Moreno and the Bureau of Fire Protection to continue the use of firetrucks to help deliver water in the more than 20,000 households affected.

"Nagpadala kita ug sulat sa BFP ug kang City Mayor Oscar Moreno para mangandam nga kung simbako, kinahanglan pa gihapon ni Rio Verde ug time, naa kitay madugang ug firetruck to deliver water to the affected areas," he said.

Many households are still experiencing low pressure or no water supply at all.

As of this writing, Beja said Rio Verde is supplying only about 1,200 cubic meters per hour, as opposed to its promise which is, 1,500 cubic meters per hour.

Beja said as of 10 p.m., October 5, until 5 a.m., Friday, the Rio Verde stopped its operations resulting to a reduced water flow.

As of Friday, she said they were informed that Rio Verde continues repair at river site while implementing measures to augment pressure at the delivery point, through the installation of an in-line boosting facility.

But Beja said although water supply is continuous, it cannot flow in elevated and far areas, such as in barangay Iponan and uptown barangays here, due to low pressure.

"Ang problema lang kay wala gyuy pressure na niuban nianang 1,200 cubic meters per hour na agas, so kung walay pressure, pareho ra na sa nagbobo ug tubig na bisan unsa kadaghan, dili siya modagan, walay kusog na mutulod. So ang nagproblema karon ang pinakalayo, ang Iponan ug uptown areas so dili gyud siya kalahotay," she said.

Beja disclosed that the Rio Verde should supply 1,667 cubic meters per hour of water or a total of 40,000 cubic meters of water in a day, however because of the increasing demand, they have raised their purchase order to 2,500 cubic meters per hour or a total of 60,000 cubic meter per day requirement.

Rio Verde senior vice president for operations Engineer Jeoffrey Hapitan, for his part, said that they were able to commission the booster pump at 3 p.m., Friday. The booster pump will release the pressure required by the COWD.

Hapitan said the pressure reached 300 PSI at the discharge point, however, they were forced to shutdown the booster pump for another problem - it again leaked.

The booster pump will restart before midnight tonight, he said.

"Naa ta supply karon mga 30,000 cubic meter per day ang flow rate. Mo-start balik ang booster pump tonight aron mo-abot ang 40,000 cubic meter per hour flow rate," he added.

Meanwhile, Beja appeals to the public for understanding.

"Naulaw nami sa katawhan, dako kaayo among kasubo sa ingani na predicament, ang katawhan nagsuffer gyud, ako as general manager sa COWD, dako gyud kaayo akong kasubo, grabe kaayo akong kaulaw sa katawhan," he said.

"Bisan pa muingon mi na ang Rio Verde ang wala makahatag sa supply, pero kami ang naay kontrata sa katawhan but as of now, we assure the public na ang among priority is masolve ang problema ug marestore ang tubig," he added.