Saturday , June 23, 2018

Davao taxi operators group develops mobile app

A MOBILE application similar to Grab and Uber is being developed by Metro Davao Taxi Operators (MDTO) in partnership with a Manila-based app developer and is targeted to be launched in the city before the year ends.

MDTO chairman and Maro Taxi owner lawyer Rogelio Largo said they foresee that the entrance of Grab and Uber taxis in Davao City would increase the congestion in the already heavily-trafficked city.

With that, they have decided to develop a similar application that will be used by Dabawenyos and by the 6,000 taxi units in the city.

“We understand that the service of Grab and Uber is better than regular taxis. We saw that as a challenge for the existing taxi operators and drivers in the city and that’s why taxis here are coming up with a hailing app that can be comparable, if not better, with Grab and Uber,” said Largo.

The mobile application, he said, will also have "report" feature wherein the customers will be able to report to the operators and to MDTO any misconduct that their driver did.

Largo added that apprehended drivers may face suspension from driving or even complete disqualification from driving.

“The objective of this app is to improve the way drivers treat their passengers and their job. We also hope that this will also help improve the way they project themselves,” he said.

Although there had been a previous similar attempt by another Davao-based taxi company, Largo said this has not been as functional and with this new app they hope to have it cover the entire city in partnership with different taxi operators.

Taxi drivers at the airport not using meters

As far as his company Maro Taxi is concerned, Largo said he assures that they are not included in the taxi drivers queuing outside Francisco Bangoy International Airport and are therefore not among the drivers who are rumored to be not using the taxi meters and instead are coming up with price fare agreements with the passengers.

Largo then said MDTO will monitor such misbehavior, gather concrete evidences, and have it known to authorities. He said this practice is not allowed and if continued to be observed will completely tarnish the reputation of the taxi industry in Davao City.