Saturday , June 23, 2018

Libre: 2-nay kay Du30

POLICE to use drone to monitor mountain barangays.

The impact of the drone is far-reaching.


Cebu City police to intensify rescue efforts for minors.

The cops are serious, no more “hide-and-seek.”


Kilusang Kontra Kuto 2 launched.

If they can’t control the lice, the organizers will be scratching their heads.


Psych patients can’t stay in facility long.

Overstayers can’t fool the administrators.


Cebu City mayor: labelling house “drug free” OK.

Not allowed though is the label, “Free drug.”


Duterte supporters hold “Lihok Suporta 2.”

Sila ay 2-nay kay Du30.


Commission on Appointments rejects Ubial’s appointment as Health secretary.

It’s high time we change the name of this useless body to Commission on dis-Appointments.


Free irrigation services for poor farmers soon to be a reality.

Let’s all drink to that!


Sen. Franklin Drilon warns housing backlog could reach 6M units by 2022.

He’s got the key to solve the situation?


Energy Regulation Commission chair sacked over corruption.

He could not regulate the power of Malacañang to get his dismissal.